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If you are a buyer of used storage vaults you have come to the right place.  As far as I know, I am the only vault broker that can help you buy vaults throughout the country. Because of my many years in the storage business and background in facilitating transactions I am sure you will find my acquisition skills helpful.

I have helped many people in the moving, storage, and related businesses buy vaults. 

I maintain a network of vault sellers all over the country which is very helpful to those buying vaults.

Here are additional benefits that I can offer:

  • You pay me nothing. I receive my compensation from the seller.
  • I screen vaults being sold to help ensure quality.
  • I provide you with pictures of vaults prior to inspection and purchase.
  • I can give you pricing suggestions and help you negotiate price.
  • I help you find the closest vaults that fit your requirements.
  • I can help you arrange shipping of the vaults if necessary.
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